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PHP Developer - Manchester

Working for Purple means being given the opportunity to work on a large WiFi analytics system comprised of multiple subsystems utilising a multitude of open-source technologies.

“The biggest attraction to Purple for me was the diverse systems and the computer science nature of what we do - it isn't a boring system like most other jobs out there where it's the same boring Wordpress build day-in-day-out.”

All developers get involved in the code review cycle which ensures any issues or improvements are spotted early, but it’s equally an opportunity to collaborate and discuss design ideas so we harvest creativity as a team. We primarily use Git for our source control and Bitbucket for our pull-requests, which allows the team to manage the codebase and easily discuss and collaborate on code releases.

We have 3 core PHP developer teams;

  1. Portal team - These guys develop the web application which our customers use to access, analyse and action the data gathered from their customers Wi-Fi usage.
  2. Connectors team - This team implement and maintain various API’s to allow people to log in to Wi-Fi through social media as well as connectors to the portal for additional data streams.
  3. Live team - Not all superheros wear capes. When things go wrong on the live system, it’s this team who quickly solve the problem.

Although each team has an individual focus, they’re very collaborative and work together on most projects and it’s a very supportive environment. During the interview with our heads of development you’ll discuss in more detail where you would best fit in based on skills and preference.

What will you need to be successful at Purple?

Passion for clean functional code, PHP, JavaScript, MySql, a nerf gun, and an appetite for learning.

That’s the core stack, but we’re very experimental and play around with new hardware, languages and frameworks to see what it can do and how it can help us. Recent examples include; Golang, Couchbase, AWS, Rabbit, Redshift. If you discover something new, let us know.

We pride ourselves on having a relaxed, friendly and open development floor where people can focus and enjoy their work. Feel free to stick your headphones in and enjoy your favourite music whilst you work, and if you like your tea and coffee you’ll fit right in with a team of caffeine aficionados!

Purple is a digital platform for Intelligent Spaces.

Our cloud based solution provides you with the same in-depth understanding of physical spaces that website analytics have delivered for years. Purple’s portal also provides customers with unique and cutting edge marketing tools, allowing them to take meaningful action based on demographic and behavioural data.

We achieve this through social engagement, location analytics, and a broad range of connectable data sources. These work together to provide you with a detailed and multifaceted understanding of your customers. In return, users also get a highly reliable, safe Wi-Fi experience.

With over 20 million users across 125 countries, Purple works with a range of brands and venues, including LEGOLAND, Jaguar, United Wireless Arena, City of York, TUI, CenturyLink, Pizza Express, British Land, Merlin Entertainments Group and the Indiana Pacers. We employ over 100 full time staff and we currently have offices in the UK, US, Spain, Australia, Singapore and Chile, with more offices planned. We also have an active reseller base of over 1,200 in 102 countries.

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Things are always exciting at Purple - we are experiencing growth in multiple sectors, including hospitality, where people have time to spend online; in retail, where footfall tracking is essential; in healthcare, offering transparency around service and communication; and in entire cities moving towards the Internet of Things. We are a passionate company that believes in treating all of our partners and customers respectfully and with integrity. We also believe in supporting everybody at #TeamPurple and helping them reach their full potential.

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